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"It’s pretty exemplary and we never envisioned it to look this good..." Mr F.
"They are professional workers that came along and did a really good job. They were also really nice individual people..." Mr. W
"It’s been brilliant. The council took a while to put everything in place but when they did boy, didn’t things move. GB was so fast and efficient – it all happened so quickly. Mark, our builder was brilliant." Mrs G. (Hereford)
"Absolutely love my bathroom. I was quite ill before it was done and was very uneasy about it. At one stage before they came, I almost pulled out. I lost my husband two years ago and he had built the bathroom – I didn’t want to lose these memories so I didn’t want the work done. Jason really helped; he adjusted the plan so I could keep some of the original tiles to remind me of my husband. I am really pleased and am more than happy with it." Mrs W. (Knighton)
"he extension makes my life much easier. I like things to be done right, I don’t like cheap things and what you have done is excellent, it wouldn’t look out of place in a £800,000 house, I couldn’t be more happy." Mr B. (Powys)
"It’s been brilliant, I was very happy with Mark, the builder. He was very polite and kept the place clean and tidy. I even bought him fish and chips when he had finished as I was so pleased with it!" Miss C. (Hereford)
"There isn’t anything better than excellent – everything is excellent. You expect people to come in and deliver, to communicate and get the job done. What you don’t expect is such delightful & competent people, who are so accommodating in helping you with your requests. With absolutely no demurring they have been so willing and so helpful in making the bathroom how we want it. I am in full appreciation and full admiration of the quality of work they have delivered. We could not be more full of pr" Mr M. (Malvern)
"It more than met my expectations. The OT changed the plan for the garden three times whilst the groundworkers were working on it and the boys dealt with it really well. They were people you could really click with and have a laugh and joke. I’ve had groundworkers in the past I can’t gel with but your boys make you feel comfortable within your own home." Miss W. (Powys)
"The higher toilet seat has made life easier. I don’t have to worry about falling over as much.Before I had to be really careful and could only shower when my husband was home. Now I have my independence back. It was worth every penny!" Mrs J. (Powys)
"The main builder that was here throughout the process was brilliant. He was really considerate and polite. I was worried to start with as I felt like it was a really long time to have a stranger in your house but I felt at ease with Mark. We could chat to him and he would answer our questions. He was very clean and tidy and was absolutely no trouble at all. Jason was also very good. I felt very reassured by him as he was very organised." Mrs R. (Ross-On-Wye)
"Everyone was very articulate and explained what they were doing. They were happy to answer any of our questions. They were very polite, clean and tidy. People would come when they said they would – the communication was very clear. We discussed every aspect of the project in great detail and they had a good attitude to troubleshooting." Miss W. (Weobley)
"Adam was superb. He was a pleasure to work with and a joy to have in the house. He barely stopped for lunch and did a great job. Jason’s project timescales and outcome description was spot on. Both were very pleasant to deal with." Mr B. (Colwall)
"The professionalism of the people doing the installation that was fantastic. Adam couldn’t have been better. His attention to detail was phenomenal. A lot of trades companies rock up at 8am, expect a cup of tea and chat for an hour before they start. Not Adam, he just cracked on with it and was very knowledgeable. Jason, the project manager gelled the whole project together and the communication has been fantastic." Mr M. (Powys)
"The work was good, the process was very very easy. We couldn’t be more happy. The builders, Pete and Adam were great, really pleasant – we’d like to send a special thanks to them." Mr & Mrs C (Hereford)
"It has made life much easier and given me more independence." Mrs H. (Ross-On-Wye)
"Excellent from start to finish. The builders were very, very good and were absolute gentlemen. I just gave them a key and they did the job, it was fabulous. The whole operation was really good." Mr. H (Brecon)
"Clare and the team at GB are first class, going the extra mile to provide all the help, support and advice their customers need." L.J Moran
"Hats off to Jason for his project management skills and sense of humour. Letting strangers into your home when you are elderly can be daunting. I felt safe. Adam was extremely polite and professional. The electrician lifted my spirits. All in all it was beyond my expectations!" Mrs D. Hereford
"A contractor came this morning & did a wonderful job on the walls." Name not provided (Muir Group)
"All workmen were polite and respectful at all times. Clean & tidy at the end of every day and at the finish of the job." Name not provided
"Fab door, great fitter - one happy customer!" Name not provided
"Would recommend to anyone requiring this type of work. Very polite and courteous. Always cleaned up each day. Very professional" Name not provided
"Thank you to all the staff who attended when they said they would" Name not provided
"Everything was explained. We had no problems with the workmen. Couldn't wish for better." Name not provided
"Brilliant - nothing too much trouble." Name not provided
"Very polite and helpful" Name not provided
"I felt like the most important person in the world. Very good communication" Name not provided
"Very pleasant and polite to have working at your house" Name not provided
"Workmen came on time. Were always helpful and polite. Worked well" Name not provided
"The plumber that was sent to my house went above his call of duty as he found me fallen over, knocked out with a broken leg. He saved my life and looked after me until the ambulance arrived. He treated me with respect and dignity - I can't praise enough and his workmanship was pretty good too!!!" Name not provided
"Fully explained work prior and throughout, very professional, completed to a very high standard. Would recommend to anyone wishing for similar work" Name not provided
"Would recommend these guys to anyone, they are brilliant and supply excellent service" Name not provided
"Very nice men who did the job (Mark) kept all tidy" Name not provided
"Very good and polite" Name not provided
"Pleasure to have the men doing their work in the house. Quietly performed their work and very efficient." Name not provided
"Very pleased with the work carried out. Two great workmen, very pleasant and patient whilst having to work around elderly parents with dementia. Very appreciated. Many thanks" Name not provided
"Workmen arrived promptly when expected, worked quickly, efficiently and had good humour. They left the site tidy and gave every satisfaction. I would recommend your company." Name not provided
"Excellent workmanship. Very polite. Adam was brilliant." Name not provided
"All work neat and tidy. Very good at there work. Satisfied with all work done - nothing but excellent" Name not provided
"We were kept up to date on progress and any delays, alterations were fully explained. We felt involved. Very pleased with final result." Name not provided
"Ryan was fantastic, tidy, always let us know what he was doing each day. Absolutely over the moon with the work!" Name not provided
"They made me feel really comfortable having them in my home treated us like family. Would have them back again. They were great, they met so many problems but kept us up to date with every step of the job. It looks like a showroom bathroom! They went above and beyond work asked for." Name not provided
"I would employ them again and pay them more money. Very good job." Name not provided
"I couldn't of had a better worker" Name not provided
"Communication was always available when needed. Excellent workers, lovely, cheerful and pleasant. Always left us clean and tidy. Completed the work before time, was willing to listen to the customer." Name not provided
"Was very nice and helpful" Name not provided
"Pete & Adam communicated brilliantly throughout the job both in person and by phone. Both were polite and courteous at all times. They worked around me and my family commitments. I am thrilled with the work!" Name not provided
"Would have Adam to do any work for us again. He made a fantastic job of bathroom. Very good at his job. Would recommend GB to anybody." Name not provided
"Excellent service the whole way through!" Name not provided
"Amazing - builder took me through what he was doing every day." Name not provided
"No problems really, any that did arise were dealt with quickly." Name not provided
"Thank you very much for your services. Pete & Adam are very polite totally approachable, always very clean when leaving for the day. Would recommend to everyone we know. Very impressed with how the rooms have been transformed into a living accommodation. The service and communication has been excellent!" Name not provided
"Good job, well done. Could not ask for a better job!" Name not provided
"Always cheerful and knowledgeable. Did what was required on the specification and cleaned up superbly every day. Fantastic job, very very pleased. Mark is a credit to your company!" Name not provided
"It's an awesome way to collect testimonials. I just send my customer the link and they can give me a thumbs up. No fussy rating out of 10." Jackie Demo

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