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"Without a doubt I'd recommend them. I’m a lot cleaner, I don’t know how long it has been since I’ve been able to have a shower. You take it for granted when you can. I’m getting worse daily, so it’s gonna make a big difference. I didn’t realise how much I was struggling before. It’s made a huge change for me." Mr C. from Hereford
"I would definitely recommend the company and certainly Adam. It all went smoothly, people came when they were supposed to and the standard of work was excellent." Mrs S. from Abergavenny
"I was overseeing the work as my mother is in hospital at the moment and it was all fantastic, very nice people, excellent standard of workmanship and service throughout. Adam was particularly fantastic, all involved were very helpful. The whole process was excellent." Mrs R in Pontypool
"Very good, very polite, they were nice clean workers. Thank the boys for doing the job for me. I’m very, very pleased with it." Mr T. from Hereford
"Excellent firm, excellent workers. Always obliging, nothing was a problem, all very helpful. Stuart, particularly, was a lovely chap. I would chat to him as if I had known him a long time. I felt really comfortable with him. I can’t fault him. Whilst he was working here my boiler went wrong which was absolutely nothing to do with him or their job but he fixed it for me. He went over and above on what he needed to do." Mrs G. in Usk

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