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"It does look very nice and the final result went above my initial expectations. Once the date was agreed it was done to schedule and the work was done very well. If people get Adam they will be very happy and lucky! I am very pleased with the end result. Thank you for keeping your word about having it ready in time. We are both very grateful." Mrs O. from Painscastle
"You’re a great company to work with, very prompt, efficient and helpful. The final result is really, really good, I couldn’t be happier." Mrs H. from Hereford
"I’m happy with what’s been done on the whole. Stuart, my builder, was first class. Very friendly – I liked him as he was easy to talk to and he went the extra mile." Mr W. from Monmouthshire
"My original bathroom was so small and difficult to move around in when my condition is playing up. The shower is much more convenient for me and I finally have a nice big bath which I can get in and out of more easily." Mrs W. from Hereford
"Oh yes, my builder Stuart was friendly, helpful, clean and tidy. I’m pleased with it, the bathroom is lovely." Mrs J. from Hereford

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