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"We have worked with GB, so I knew of you. GB were able to react and accommodate my timescale. The price I was given seemed fair/about what I expected. When Craig met me at the property he understood straight away what we needed for a rental property, which saved loads of time in picking fixtures/fittings." Jamie Perkins-Best (EMS Asbestos )
"I am very pleased with my new wetroom. The builders were very polite and courteous too..." Mrs B.
"It’s pretty exemplary and we never envisioned it to look this good..." Mr F.
"They are professional workers that came along and did a really good job. They were also really nice individual people..." Mr. W
"It’s been brilliant. The council took a while to put everything in place but when they did boy, didn’t things move. GB was so fast and efficient – it all happened so quickly. Mark, our builder was brilliant." Mrs G. (Hereford)

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