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"I have been in teaching for 20 years and this is the most useful guide to improving handwriting. Very informative! Primary School Teacher - January 2020" Name not provided
"A really useful resource that saves me time! Simple and easy to use, the children are making progress with their writing using these workbooks." Danielle Barker, Northway Special School
"The layout in these books is clear and easy to follow with a dyslexia friendly presentation. I highly recommend these books." Jenny Aldington, SPLD Consultant, Kelvin Grove School
"Really helpful workshop. The books are fantastic and easy to use. The tweezer advice was also 5* – great tips from Sue!" The Knightsbridge Kindergarten
"I have thoroughly enjoyed this training. Sue gives a wealth of tips that can easily be put into place in ANY classroom – Thank you!" Worsley Bridge Primary School, Beckenham

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