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"Wonderful training with fascinating content, all delivered by a lovely lady. So beneficial for both myself and my learners. It has already made a huge difference. Thank you very much!" Teaching Assistant
"Our 10 year old granddaughter had very poor handwriting skills which teachers recognised early on in primary school but failed to act upon. Instead of receiving encouragement she was told to erase and rewrite anything that was unclear. Our granddaughter soon became despondent and was convinced that she could not improve. Sue provided materials for our granddaughter and her handwriting has greatly improved and, more importantly, her attitude towards handwriting has changed for the better." Grandparent, October 2022
"Interesting, engaging, relevant and useful support. Explained the cause of problems and how they could be resolved." Teacher of English, Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan Secondary School – September 2022
"A huge eye-opener which will completely change the way I deal with my students." Literacy Coordinator/English Teacher, Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan Secondary School – September 2022
"It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been teaching (me 35 years) you can still learn so much information on pupils’ development that you didn’t know existed." English Teacher, Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan Secondary School – September 2022
"Fantastic session! Informative and useful. Helpful and realistic approaches are offered to help learners." Teacher, Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan Secondary School – September 2022
"Very well researched and delivered. I recognised things that I’d never considered in examples of writing." Teacher, Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan Secondary School – September 2022
"Excellent training. Very useful and beneficial for both myself and my learners. I enjoyed learning with you today!" Literacy Interventions Coordinator, Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan Secondary School – September 2022
"Very informative, some real eye-openers. Sue has excellent knowledge and presents it in a very calm and clear way. Great little tips that will make a big difference. Thank you!" Teacher, Wray Common Primary School – September 2022
"Very informative session filled with practical and engaging activities to improve children’s handwriting and educational development." Year 5 Teacher, Wray Common Primary School – September 2022
"Wow! I didn’t know how much development impacted handwriting. What a revelation!" Teacher, Wray Common Primary School – September 2022
"I loved the clear and concise explanations and tips. I enjoyed the warm-up and strengthening movements. My Y3’s will love it!" Art Co-ordinator, Chaterhouse Square School, London
"The training was clear and easy to follow. It covered many areas to help understand the best ways to improve writing and coordination." P.E. and Sports Coach, Chaterhouse Square School, London
"A great informative session that has encouraged me to review my practice as well as my own habits. Lots of fun, practical ideas included that I hope to use next year." Teacher, Chaterhouse Square School, London
"Thank you for such an informative morning. It will fully impact my teaching of early handwriting skills." Head of Early Years, Chaterhouse Square School, London
"I really enjoyed how the training was grounded on science and research, which helped me to understand how to best improve my class’ handwriting." Y6 Teacher, Chaterhouse Square School, London
"If you thought handwriting wasn’t important – think again! Superb training for practitioners and parents!" SENCo, Chaterhouse Square School, London
"What a fabulous, well-presented and very informative training session. I learned a lot of new tips but had lots of teaching practices confirmed, thank you!" Y4 &Y5 Teacher, Chaterhouse Square School, London
"All practitioners and parents should have this information. What a game changer!" Teacher, Chaterhouse Square School, London
"An informative and practical workshop from passionate and knowledgeable experts." Teacher, Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester
"Sue has shown us some quick wins that can be implemented without any cost to our school." Teacher, Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester
"I have picked up some good ideas and quick tips that I can start implementing straight away." Teacher, Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester
"I was absolutely fascinated by the depth of information and the reasons behind so many things that we simply label as ‘bad habits’. I learnt so much – it was a revelation." Teacher, Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester
"An extremely informative session which opened my eyes as a teaching assistant and a parent as to how small everyday changes (such as a cup with a handle) will bring improvements." Pitmaston Primary School, Worcester
"Thank you for a very informative session! I was able to identify areas of poor handwriting I had not considered before and take away lots of tips I can easily implement." Teacher, Bourne Grammar School – July 2022
"Completely and utterly fascinating, a chance to think and deconstruct entire underlying assumptions, challenge the status quo and question everything. Very thought provoking!" Teacher, Bourne Grammar School – July 2022
"Excellent advice with practical gadgets and exercises. Strong theoretical support with links across the curriculum." SENCO Teacher, Bourne Grammar School – July 2022
"A very informative training session. Lots of interesting science behind handwriting and lots of practical ideas and resources." Teacher, Newborough Primary School – July 2022
"Sue’s handwriting training session was phenomenal! I really enjoyed learning about the science and the causes of poor handwriting. I loved the practical strategies that Sue provided for improving handwriting. I highly recommend this training!" Literacy Lead and EAL Coordinator, Skegness Academy – July 2022
"This handwriting training session was incredibly informative. I loved learning how to correct habits in the most simple but effective ways." Cover Supervisor, Skegness Academy – July 2022
"The training session was very informative and I now feel excited to roll out our handwriting intervention in September." Intervention Learning Mentor, Skegness Academy – July 2022
"I thoroughly enjoyed the training; it was a real eye opener!" Teaching Assistant, Skegness Academy - July 2022
"Fantastic training! The science behind how we can alter or change a student’s outcome by improving their handwriting was incredible." Cover Supervisor, Skegness Academy - July 2022
"I couldn’t have met Sue Smits at a better time. I am a fully qualified primary school teacher. The class I teach are a mixed Year 1 and 2 class. Sue has taught me how to identify handwriting problems, and most importantly, how to rectify these. Sue has taught me how to help children to improve their writing and how to fix the root cause of any problem involved with putting pen (or pencil) to paper. I think this is amazing. So many handwriting specialists focus on the last part and not the root" Helen David (Morrells Handwriting Tutor)
"We introduced the handwriting workbooks last year and they have been a great success. The children enjoy them and take pride in their work, looking forward to their weekly handwriting sessions. As a teacher, I find the workbooks provide an excellent resource for teaching handwriting. Working through the workbooks has enabled progression throughout the year groups. I definitely recommend these workbooks" Jenny Merrison - Year 2 teacher (Christian Fellowship School)
"Once again, Sue has delivered a fascinating insight into handwriting. We had Sue in school a few years ago and her wealth of knowledge amazed us even then. It is clear, however, that she has not stopped since our last meeting and has been researching and lobbying for changes to be made to how handwriting is taught and implemented. Morrells Handwriting scheme comes with a wealth of knowledge, science, and support behind it. A fantastic opportunity to understand how to improve handwriting at not only primary school, but beyond." Jo Price, Deputy Head, High Legh Primary School
"Both my children had a session with Sue today and it was brilliant. Sue's expertise is second to none however it's her gentle but no-nonsense approach to feedback which I really appreciate. It helps to build the child's confidence whilst providing clarity on what they should do to improve. Both boys enjoyed the session and we look forward to trying out some of the tips!" Eve, parent
"Sue has been so helpful devising a plan to help my son improve his handwriting. Her knowledge is fantastic and her suggestions reflect this. Without Sue’s input I think my son would continue to have handwriting difficulties that impede his ability to express himself in the written format. I look forward to implementing all of Sue’s amazing suggestions and working through the Morrells books she has suggested." Veronica, parent
"I would like to sincerely thank Sue for the in-depth advice she has given following a quick query that I sent. This has not only enabled a successful referral to OT but has given us an opener for conversations with school. It has also had such a huge effect on my son's confidence - to be told that there might be a reason why he finds handwriting so hard has been a weight off his shoulders. We can't wait to see what will come out of an actual session with Sue. Thank you again Sue" Fiona, parent
"Words cannot express our sincere gratitude to Sue for all her expert guidance with helping my two young daughters aged 8 & 6 with their handwriting. Your personalised approach to your customers is very much appreciated. My eldest daughter’s handwriting has improved dramatically with the use of the books and Sue’s advice. Thank you!" M – Parent
"I have been in teaching for 20 years and this is the most useful guide to improving handwriting. Very informative! Primary School Teacher - January 2020" Name not provided
"A really useful resource that saves me time! Simple and easy to use, the children are making progress with their writing using these workbooks." Danielle Barker, Northway Special School
"The layout in these books is clear and easy to follow with a dyslexia friendly presentation. I highly recommend these books." Jenny Aldington, SPLD Consultant, Kelvin Grove School
"Sue is really lovely and clearly extremely knowledgeable and skilled. Just half an hour with her improved my daughter's writing noticeably and left us with clear and simple strategies to continue at home." Caroline, parent
"I cannot recommend Morrells Handwriting more highly. Sue has transformed my children’s handwriting. We had previously (wrongly) been told by numerous teachers she was “too old to change her grip,” “handwriting wasn’t important,” “I should concentrate on touch typing”. In a single lesson she put us on the straight and narrow and explained the children needed to do exercises to strengthen their fingers and handwriting muscles. We left after an hour already being able to see a difference in their writing. She clearly explains how letters are formed and where they should sit on the line. Her lined paper helps enormously and her books are brilliant. My children now have good handwriting and will have for life. Thank you." Lucinda, parent
"Really helpful workshop. The books are fantastic and easy to use. The tweezer advice was also 5* – great tips from Sue!" The Knightsbridge Kindergarten
"I have thoroughly enjoyed this training. Sue gives a wealth of tips that can easily be put into place in ANY classroom – Thank you!" Worsley Bridge Primary School, Beckenham
"Very prompt service, extremely efficient, thank you. Your quick response has made my day!" Westwood Park Primary School
"Thank you so much. How refreshing to find a helpful supplier!" Mountjoy School
"In the 23 years that I have worked in the mainstream and special needs sector training children in handwriting techniques, this has to be the most logical system I have encountered. It doesn’t detract or confuse the writer; it’s fun and relates to everyone!" British Council Ambassador NW
"The books are great, exactly what I was looking for." Parent
"I am a huge fan of your workbooks and I have used them with my years 7-9 for the past two years. We are so pleased to have finally found something that will really help the students." Rainham Grammar School
"Simple and easy to use, the children are making progress with their writing using these workbooks." Northway Special School
"I very much appreciate the time that you spent talking about my teenage sons handwriting and it was a huge help to talk to someone who understood where we were coming from and made the way forward seem so uncomplicated. Also, thanks for the tips on the pens. He is using his ink pen and doing the practice without fuss which in and of itself is pretty fantastic." Emma

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