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"I love the house, it’s warm, light and inviting. I’m much more in touch with the outside than ever before and it has changed my whole perspective on life" Simon
"Living here lifts the spirits… There’s even more light and space than we had before and better lighting and a better outlook too. As soon as I come up the drive I think “wow" and so do many visitors." Name not provided
"The room is beautiful – you can see all around and feel you’re part of the environment. It’s very inspiring. We’ve had the space to put in what’s important to us such as music and art, but the main thing is you can see nature and the orchard. It’s the new heart of our home and it’s always wonderful to be in here, always." Susanna
"Every morning, you come down and you think, ‘This is lovely’. We are very happy to be here." Simon
"There will be a community use of the building and that’s exciting. I have lots of people who will come through the building and enjoy it. It is life-giving to me." Name not provided

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