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"We have worked with Witley Jones for 10 years on all manner of projects from study bedrooms to staff rooms. We handed over the first phase on the Science Block extension last summer and the product is very good indeed." Radley College

"Matt’s knowledge and leadership of the design team have been key to us over the past 8 months for our latest build projects and without which we would not have achieved such a satisfactory result." Business Manager at Swanbourne House

"The new lab design has really changed the experience of teaching biology. The room is designed perfectly for our needs, suiting theory and practical lessons equally well, and feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive!" Head of Science, Derby High School

"I had positive engagement from Matt Jones right from the outset and throughout the project to fit out of the furniture... I was struck by how it seemed to be that we were their priority and the only project they were working on." Bursar, Pipers Corner School

"Witley Jones’ attention to detail is exemplary, with the same level of focus going into each project, regardless of size.” We are delighted that the furniture provided by Witley Jones was manufactured to perfectly meet our specifications and finite requirements resulting in a truly bespoke final product." Bursar at Prior’s Field School

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