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"It was a very positive experience working alongside Witley Jones, who provided clear and frequent communication throughout the project. The team were prompt and courteous. The design of the laboratories and technology rooms ensured that we have future proofed the spaces to meet Secondary School specifications. They are a professional organisation that always delivered on time. Witley Jones were a pleasure to work with." Lorna Button, Head Teacher, Blackminster Middle School
"We found Witley Jones to have a friendly and flexible approach from start to finish. With regular and clear communication, we were involved and update at each stage to discuss ideas and changes. This has been a really positive experience working with Simon and the Witley Jones team." Catherine McDougall, The Bewdley School
"The furniture had made a huge impact on the teaching and learning environment. I personally feel much more confident at teaching practical work with the students knowing everything works. The positivity it has generated is hard to put into words but there is a great buzz in the place." Charlotte Gallagher, Stourport High School
"Working in the new science labs has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for teaching. The rooms are spacious and well laid out, with thought gone into creating ample storage and lots of work space for the students. The flexibility of the moveable furniture enables rooms to be laid out to suit the learner and the stools are incredibly sturdy and comfortable. A lovely range of colours for cupboard doors that are both easy to maintain and set the right tone for learning." Ms Jennie Prosser, Head of Science, Stourport High School
"There is plenty of accessible shelving and room to display the stock which really helps the children in browsing and finding books that they want to read. So many pupils have commented how much they like the new library!" Ms Stacey, School Librarian, The Blue Coat School, Birmingham

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