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"A great space to take part in an adventure, a journey. They especially liked going upstairs to choose their books and enjoying the view from the top seats. The bus puts reading at the heart of our school." Head of King’s Hawford

"The development of the furniture design was a truly innovative process and the engagement of the client was considered throughout each stage of the design process." NVB Architects

"Witley Jones recently manufactured and installed over 65 bed spaces for Ward’s Boarding House here at Wycliffe. We are delighted with the final outcome and the level of aftercare Witley Jones offer and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for future projects." Wycliffe Estates Bursar

"I would definitely recommend Witley Jones to a colleague. Given the majority of the work is carried out over the summer, and inevitably there are unforeseen issues that cause delays... Witley Jones are proactive in working around these challenges, thereby ensuring that all furniture is in place by the start of term." Epsom College

"Witley Jones has proved to be an excellent supplier for Woldingham School. They delivered our IT suite on time, in budget and can cope with some bursarial ‘fast balls’." Woldingham School

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