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"It was an amazing and eye opening course thank you so much !" Sonal (Via GrowthHub)
"Many thanks for sharing the slides and for an excellent session yesterday. I found it really useful and Ben gave me a lot of food for thought." James (Via GrowthHub)
"I have already put Ben’s advice into practice and recorded a FAQ video about our hot water bottles... I just need to be brave enough to post it now...!" Sophie (Growth Hub Client)
"Thank you for yesterday - I really enjoyed the workshop. It was really easy to follow, I learnt plenty of new things and Ben is a brilliant facilitator, so thank you!" Rachel (Growth Hub Client)
"I loved today’s workshop. It has really inspired me and driven me to get on with it. The presentation was very clear, professional and human (I don’t like feeling patronised which can happen). I felt that the balance of the break out room work with the workshop was good. The slides were very concise and clear and Ben clearly knew what he was on about. Lots of useful information and contacts. Useful apps too. I have nothing negative to report!" Janine (Growth Hub Client)

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