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"Ben has been amazing. From helping to design the website through to coming up with innovative ideas to help the business grow. He always puts in realistic timescales and then meets them every time! I wouldn't hesitate in suggesting other people work with him." Guy Oldring (The Thornbury Clinic)
"Rather Inventive created an eye-catching, contemporary, clear, user-friendly website for us. We are often complimented about it. Very nice people and always helpful. Fantastic web-hosting service plus extras. We highly recommend them!" Amy Watkins (Watkins Carpentry Ltd)
"Quick to solve problems, always." Name not provided
"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ben at Rather Inventive. I wanted a clean, snappy, simple website, super easy to navigate so people could very quickly find out who I am, what I do - and why, plus how I can help. Ben instantly understood my offering and what I wanted to convey. I left a lot of the design to Ben as I trusted his instincts and his expertise, I simply gave him the brand guidelines, copy and images, then Ben created this fanastic website, adding his own twist." Claire Walmsley-Moss (CWM Marketing and Communications)
"Honest advice, great design and method of working." Dave Beddis (DBC Solutions Ltd)

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