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"Ben was the guest speaker at my customer exchange event at HSBC and from the get go it was clear that he is a very welcoming, engaging and enthusiastic individual who provided an informative presentation on the world of LinkedIn, it was a pleasure to host him and look forward to the time that we may meet again at future events" Poppy Holmes
"Ben provided helpful and easy-to-follow advice. The latter is very important for me! He is clearly very knowledgeable." Abi McPherson
"Ben was really engaging, and ran a fun and informative session around e-mail marketing. I left feeling motivated and positive with lots of ideas whirring around my mind! I've already actioned a couple of them. Thanks Ben." Laura Duggal
"Fabulous person. Skilled and kind and helpful. He has been a huge help to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Ben." Kate Lawlor
"Very approachable, creative and informative" Graeme

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