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"Brilliant, professional service!" Nancy Bell (Campagna Collections )
"Marketing a time-limited national campaign is very different from B2B - Ben has provided some useful pointers !!" Jan (BrighterProspects.org.uk)
"Rather Inventing offers the perfect service for those developing new business opportunities. No one size fits all here, they know their customers and working closely with them to make the most of technology and the breadth of marketing opportunities. A fantastic network of experience on offer to all their clients." Nancy Bell (Campagna Collections )
"Speedy, friendly, creative and realistic." Roger Britton (Community Firat)
"This is SO interesting and useful. Ben, thank you so much, the pitch and tone was absolutely right and your talk has already caused me to reconsider how I should plan my website. Thanks again and also to everyone at HUB Cirencester for the opportunity and putting this event together." GrowthHub Client

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