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"You will have an indefatigable PR company working on your behalf, all the time. Proactive, inventive, resourceful and helpful, they are worth ten times the modest membership fee. A must if you run a business that depends on tourism." Linda Camp
"Professional, warm and friendly team who give an excellent service for your business, event, and all sorts of holiday accommodation. Their knowledge of how tourism works for the benefit of you, and all that is associated with it, is second to none. Well worth being part of." Gail Calthrop
"Heidi is a very energetic promoter of all aspects of tourism in Herefordshire. Eat Sleep Live often have the highest profile of any local tourist organisation at events such as the Three Counties Show and their networking events are always educational, interesting and fun. I recommend membership to anyone running a business which would benefit from promoting Herefordshire as a tourist destination." Kevin Braybrook
"Friendly efficient and fabulous thing to belong to & goes without saying it's great value for money, wouldn't hesitate to recommend ESL to any business connected with local tourism." Mel Potter
"This lovely enthusiastic team have once gain succeeded in firing up our determination to make Hereford great for our visitors. There is so much amazing history and not nearly enough publicity surrounding it. Well done to team ESL to make us all aware of our responsibilities as well!!" Lin Hoppe

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