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"I have partnered with Jack, since he first started out and as our business was branching more into online communication. He has become an integral part of our team, producing work that our clients are impressed by" Mark Levell, Creative and Content Director, Levells
"Over the course of several years, Jack has worked closely with us to develop and implement our digital marketing strategy which is aligned with our overall business objectives. Jack has a personal and professional approach and is prepared to invest time upfront to understand our market / target audience. He has been a great asset to the business and works extremely well with our current team and staff. It’s a pleasure working with him and I would have no concerns about recommending him." Charles Magill, Director, Adlestrop Consulting
"I can not recommend Jack highly enough. In my experience I have always found Jack to be very informative and knowledgeable, non judgemental and an excellent communicator. I have always felt very comfortable in Jacks presence, he’s a real gentleman and we’ve had some great conversations over our coffee. But even more than that, Jack has phenomenal mentoring skills, which for me has really made all the difference. So much so, I have recently recommended Jack to a friend myself!" Joanne Jones, Director, Penyard Inventory Services
"We have partnered with Jack for over 5 years, so in itself, is a testimony to him. After we have done our branding and communications strategy and delivered working content, Jack then steps in and handles the social media challenges with ourselves for these clients. He deals directly with them when needed, or as a collective. Jack is a very much trusted and valued member of our team." Mark Levell, CEO - Levells
"Jack's approach to digital communications bridges operational and strategic approaches and, combined with his people-focused working style, his contributions have delivered noticeable impact. Jack can provide 1:1 training, advice on improving content and strategic advice on developing a content-based digital communications strategy. I'm very pleased to recommend Jack." Sophie Dale-Black, Regional Director, ICAEW
"At Adelstrop Consulting, we engaged Jack to help us develop our digital marketing strategy to communicate effectively with both candidates and clients. Over the last few years, Jack developed a strong grasp of what our brand stands for, how we want to be perceived and how to engage our target audiences." Tim Bates, Director, Adlestrop Consulting
"We have had the pleasure of working with Jack for a number of years. We engaged him to write copy around One Minute Wonders and to produce Social Media Campaigns for LinkedIn, Twitter and our other Social Media strands. Because of his journalistic skills you get much more than somebody just ‘managing your Social Media’ - his writing is excellent, and imaginative and his research is first class, enhancing our videos and often breathing new life into them." Mick Foley, One Minute Wonders
"Jack made light work of teaching our office how to use LinkedIn. He can teach old dogs new tricks!" Duncan Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe & Co Insurance Brokers
"We worked with Jack for a period of about 8 months whilst we were recruiting into our marketing department. Due to staff changes we needed a solution to maintain our social media presence until we were able to take it back in house again. Jack provided us with great support during this period having regular meetings to ensure he kept up to date with what was going on, so that our social media presence felt authentic. Jack's easy to work with and knows his subject matter well!" Jennifer Appleton, ISO Quality Services
"Jack has taken the time to listen and learn about my business, to find out about my goals and vision for the future. With this knowledge, and as a competent media expert, Jack has significantly raised my profile across all social media platforms. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jack for his fresh, innovative ideas which deliver results every time." Sue Smits, Morrells Handwriting
"Jack provides a great service, with compelling, astute blogs, supported by an in-depth knowledge of all social media platforms." Marketing Manager, Key Forensic Services

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