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"I had 3 walls wallpapered in 3 separate rooms & an amazing job was carried out. I was provided with quality work & a punctual, friendly & professional service. Thank you. I would definitely recommend." Debby S. Ross on wye
"Thank you for your amazing job, I'm really happy with the results." Eva Toth, Bromyard
"An excellent professional job with good attention to detail. Great, courteous service. I will certainly be using Bauxit again." Caroline Landey, Bromyard
"Frank's work was, fantastic... we knew wallpapering was not our skill and seeing frank at work confirmed that. Professional and using modern tools the work was excellent. Frank was very polite and left with a smile, we would recommend to others." Richard G Graves, Gloucester
"We have no problem in recommending this service. Previously when painting bubbling appeared, Ferenc was able to resolve this problem giving our kitchen a fantastic finish. He has a professional approach and attention to detail. We are very pleased with the finished product." Dawn Wainwright
"Frank did a fantastic job lining and painting a bedroom and living room, solving the problems of all the quirky nooks and crannies of our very old cottage! We are very happy with the results." Jeannie Clark

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